Raise up the next generation of worshippers who love to worship and live out vibrant lives
Stream of Praise Children Worship & Creative Worship School

Stream of Praise desires to train children to become influential worshippers and intercessors for their generation. To establish an intimate relationship with God and to influence others’ lives. We do not rely on our own ability or seek approval from this world to serve God, but rely on the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to become worshippers and intercessors that please God.

"Through the praise of children and infants you have established a stronghold against your enemies."

Psalm 8:2

【2023 Children's Album】《SMILE》

【實體專輯開放訂購/預購】《盡情的微笑》 ⭐️讚美之泉 2023 兒童敬拜讚美專輯 (12) 🛍️訂購/預購實體專輯及詩歌活動本:https://sop.org/stores 🎧於音樂串流平台收聽:  iTunes+Apple Music: https://bit.ly/3oa8wBi 🎧



【2022最新兒童數位專輯EP】 盡情地微笑 SMILE

🎧各大音樂平台收聽: https://bit.ly/3xM5jui 🛍購買MP3/MMO/歌譜PDF: https://bit.ly/3JWBgTe




這張專輯充滿了活力的編曲、多元化的舞蹈及充滿大能的敬拜宣告!「Good Morning,



A collection of stream of praise children’s Music app specially designed for children, watch all our released children’s worship MV (no ad). All stream of praise children album included, and will have free update of the latest release. Also in the app is our whole year 365 days kids devotional book for children to write and draw and do their devotions daily.

APP is free for download, requires in-app subscription for full access of all functions. 7 days free trial, then $1.99 (Monthly) or $14.99 (Annual)

3rd & 4th graders
California, USA

My two daughters are relatively shy. Previously, they would not move around or dance during worship, but now they lead other children to worship and dance during our weekly church meetings.

Kindergartener & 2nd grader
Illinois, USA

The children really love to sing and dance, learn God’s word, and play games with the teachers and other students. We can feel how the teachers and teaching assistants are diligent, patient, and dedicated to teaching everyone. Thank you Stream of Praise for allowing us to participate in such a great online creative worship class for children.

2nd grader
California, USA

After my older daughter came back, she was in a really happy mood, she kept humming and singing, and kept sharing with me how happy she was to attend this class. A few days after she came back, she kept imitating how to play the drums, and led her younger sister to sing and dance together with joy. I really thank the teachers for how you lead and influence the children’s lives. May God continue to use you greatly to influence the next generation for God. I pray for you earnestly, asking the Lord to open His gates of glory and lead our next generation to love Him more, and to use our lives to worship and praise Him in love.