2020 Los Angeles – Chino Children’s Creative Worship Camp


Mission 特會目標

In this one day conference, children will learn ways to apply God’s Truth in everyday life and build a daily devotion habit. We aim to lead children to live a lifestyle of loving God through time of corporate worship, intercession, music, dance and Bible study.


This children’s creative worship camp will use Zoom to help your child to learn creative worship at home without space constraints!



Grades 對象

Grades 1st Grade to 6th Grade (Already 1st and 6th grade before 2020 June)

一年級 至 六年級 (2020 六月前已經是入學一年級或六年級生)



Creative Art



Creative Choir


Creative Dance




Date 日期:6/9 – 12/2020 (4 Days)

Time 時間:9am – 3pm (6 Hours)

Venue 場地:Bread of Life Christian Church 真道靈糧堂

Address 地址:12765 Oaks Ave, Chino, CA 91710

Fee 費用:Early Bird US$120 (5/25/2020 or Before) / Regular US$150 (5/26/2020 or After)

**Lunch not included  不包括午餐


*Note 註:

1. All instructions will be in English, we will use SOP songs (in Chinese) and will provide Pinyin & Zhuyin for kids to learn and sing along with us. 特會主要以英語進行,特會將會使用讚美之泉中文歌曲,屆時會提供拼音及注音給學生一起學習歡唱。

2. Please bring your own lunch, snack and water bottle.

Terms & Refund 退款及其他須知:

1. We require a written notice to be emailed to school@sop.org in advance of a planned withdrawal. Fees are only refundable before 6/1/2020 (10pm). Refunds are subject to a 20% processing fee. 如孩童報名後因特別原因無法參與,必須在 6/1/2020 (10PM) 前採用電郵或書面方式通知申請退款,但手續費 20% 恕無法退還。 6/1/2020 (10pm) 之後恕無法退款,若有不便,敬請見諒。

2. If less than 50 people are enrolled, the conference will be cancelled. 如報名人數不足50人,營會將會取消。

3. All the latest news of the event will be notified by email. We will not notify anyone by phone. 所有活動最新消息將會以電郵方式通知,讚美之泉將不會以電話個別通知。

4. The registration confirmation email is the only receipt provided by Stream of Praise. No other forms of receipt will be issued. 報名後所收到的報名確認書為讚美之泉唯一提供的收據,恕不開立其他形式的收據。

5. SOP reserves the right to cancel or change the date and time of the conference. In the event have any dispute, Stream of Praise reserves the right to make the final decision. 主辦單位保留取消或延期的權利。如有任何爭議,讚美之泉保留最終決定的權利。

6. Please feel free to email us (school@sop.org) if you have any questions. 如有任何進一步問題或需要,可電郵至 school@sop.org 與我們聯絡。